No more forgotten irons!

Leave anxiety at home, not a working iron

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Create Scenarios

For every life occasion. For example: "Leaving home", "Going to gym", "Packing for a trip"!

Add actions to scenarios

Things that cause anxiety or you often forget: "Turn of the iron", "Close the windows", "Take tickets", etc.

Add photos and notifications

Add photos to completed acroins. Set up reminders to never miss a scenario execution time!

Style your way

Design scenarios and actions in accordance with life situations!

Try it now!

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Full history of completed scenarios

All completed scenarios, photos and notes added to them are saved in history in chronological order. You can always easily find confirmation that you turned off the iron when leaving the house..

Stylize scenarios for all life situations.

Choose an icon and color for your scenarios to easily distinguish them. Individual colors will help you remember the passage of the scenario. Select the icons corresponding to the action icons to quickly find the actions in the list as you progress through the scenario.



omg, this is genius

by leufiii - Jun 1, 2023

this is an amazing app idea, especially for me who doesn't like to go out much and often get really overwhelmed when i have to. so far, the app works good too - haven't came across any problems yet. so 5/5

South Africa
Amae Heartilly - 27 May 2023

Great topic for OCD people or just anxious people. 12/10 thanks!

Polina Tkachenko - 25 May 2023

A beautiful and very useful app! Thanks!

Amri Ansari - 3 Jun 2023

Really great app! Keep it up I love it...

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